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New Scientific Study Finds That Roughly 2.3 Million Americans Now Use Kratom

A new study has come out from the New York University Department Of Population Health titled ‘Past-Year Kratom Use in the U.S.: Estimates From a Nationally Representative Sample‘, and it aims to determine how many Americans use Kratom based on data from 2019. 

Ultimately based on a sample size of 56,000 people it was found that 0.7% of the United States population used Kratom in 2019, and since the total population is 330 million, that means 2.3 million Americans use Kratom. Of course, there is some room for error in this calculation, but it’s likely roughly accurate, and it can be interpreted to mean that somewhere between 2-3 million Americans use Kratom.

Notably, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has long said that an estimated 15 million Americans use Kratom. However, the AKA estimate doesn’t survey the population, rather it calculates how much Kratom is imported into the United States and divides by the average amount of Kratom that people take. The AKA estimate is prone to extreme error since not all Kratom that is imported ends up being used that month/year, and the AKA estimate that Kratom users take 4.2 grams per day on average might be way too low.

Further, another study from less than a year ago found that 2-3 million Americans use Kratom, which is exactly in-line with what this newest study found. Since this previous study and the new study found the same result, it strongly suggests that there are precisely 2-3 million Kratom users in the United States, rather than 15 million.

Thus, the amount of Kratom users in the USA may be substantially less than the AKA estimate of 15 million. However, 2-3 million people is still a ton of people, and therefore this new scientific study has confirmed that a tremendous amount of Americans are Kratom users.