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NuWave Botanicals Has Achieved AKA GMP Qualified Vendor Status; The AKA GMP Program Ensures The Safety Of Kratom Products And Helps Keep Kratom Legal

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NuWave Botanicals, a popular Kratom vendor based in Texas which offers a wide variety of Kratom powders, capsules, and extracts, has officially achieved AKA GMP Qualified Vendor status. This means that NuWave Botanicals is rigorously using state of the art methods to ensure that all of their Kratom products are 100% pure and free of any contaminants or adulterants, guaranteeing that their customers receive only the safest and highest quality Kratom.

The below video shows some of the cutting edge technology and sanitization methods that NuWave Botanicals uses to produce 100% pure Kratom in compliance with AKA GMP guidelines.

The AKA GMP Program Ensures The Safety And Integrity Of Kratom Products In The United States, In Order To Protect Kratom Users And Keep Kratom Legal

The American Kratom Association (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Program was launched in order to ensure that Kratom users in the United States receive only safe and pure Kratom. A video which summarizes the goals of the AKA GMP program and how it works can be watched below.

Essentially, due to a lack of Kratom regulations, some of the Kratom in the United States is contaminated with bacteria, fungus, or excess heavy metals. This is caused by Kratom vendors being reckless during the importing, processing, or transportation processes.

Also, sometimes Kratom is outright adulterated with other materials by fraudulent vendors. For example, Kratom is sometimes cut with other plant materials, and there have even been rare cases of Kratom being adulterated with synthetic drugs, such as the Krypton incident where Kratom was laced with the dangerous synthetic opioid O-desmethyltramadol.

Whether Kratom is contaminated/adulterated due to carelessness or outright fraud, the end result is that Kratom users are put at risk, and Kratom’s legality is also put at risk. Basically, not only can Kratom users be harmed by contaminated/adulterated Kratom, incidents where Kratom users get harmed can be used by the FDA as ammunition to justify a Kratom ban.

This is where the AKA GMP program comes in. The AKA GMP program establishes standards which ensure that all Kratom products are properly lab tested, properly processed, and properly labeled, so that only safe and pure Kratom reaches consumers.

Therefore, the AKA GMP program ensures that Kratom users do not get harmed by contaminated or adulterated products, and this simultaneously helps to keep Kratom legal.

How Does The AKA GMP Program Ensure The Safety And Purity Of Kratom Products?

In order to ensure the purity and safety of Kratom products, AKA GMP Qualified Vendors must follow numerous guidelines as explained at this link.

Briefly summarizing the AKA GMP guidelines, first off when vendors import Kratom from Indonesia they need to perform thorough lab testing in order to ensure that it does not contain any bacteria, fungus, excess heavy metals, chemical contaminants, or synthetic drugs.

Once the Kratom has been proven to be 100% pure, the next step in the AKA GMP program is to rigorously ensure that the environment where the Kratom is processed and packaged is completely sanitary, so that no contaminants come in contact with the Kratom.

Further, Kratom products need to be properly labeled so that all of the ingredients are explicitly listed, so that consumers know exactly what they are taking.

Also, in order to achieve AKA GMP Qualified Vendor status a vendor must pass an independent 3rd party audit, regularly undergo audits, and keep extensive records of all activities in order to ensure there are no breaches of AKA GMP guidelines.

Notably, this is just a brief summary of the AKA GMP guidelines, and there are literally dozens of requirements which must be followed. The strict and rigorous nature of the program firmly guarantees that AKA GMP Qualified Vendors like NuWave Botanicals have 100% pure and safe Kratom.

NuWave Botanicals Is Dedicated To Protecting Kratom Users And Keeping Kratom Legal

Overall, the fact that NuWave Botanicals has put in the extensive effort and resources required to become an AKA GMP Qualified Vendor is a testament to NuWave Botanicals’ dedication to Kratom users. By following AKA GMP guidelines, NuWave Botanicals is ensuring that their customers receive only safe and pure Kratom, and this simultaneously helps to keep Kratom legal as explained in this article.