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Only 6 Months Until Kratom Is Banned In Indonesia And The Global Kratom Supply Collapses

Kratom is on track to be banned in Indonesia at the beginning of 2022, which is only 6 months away as of this writing. If this happens, it would cause a near-total collapse of the global Kratom supply, since over 95% of the world’s Kratom is from Indonesia. This would lead to Kratom prices rising to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per kilo, and even at those prices it is likely that numerous stores and vendors would completely run out of Kratom.

Indeed, ever since 2017 Kratom has been scheduled to be banned in Indonesia. Essentially, the government of Indonesia gave Kratom farmers a 5 year grace period to switch from farming Kratom to other crops, and that 5 year grace period ends at the beginning of 2022, at which point Kratom will be considered a Schedule I drug and be completely illegal.

There have been efforts to stop the Indonesian Kratom ban before it happens, including late last year when the Governor of an Indonesian province asked for the ban to be moved back to 2023, but thus far efforts to move back or eliminate the Kratom ban have failed.

Even worse, Kratom is under heavy attack in the USA by Big Pharma and the FDA, and since the Kratom community in the USA is bogged down fighting to keep Kratom legal over here, it has become unlikely that pro-Kratom groups in America will have the time or resources to do anything about keeping Kratom legal in Indonesia.

Thus, a global Kratom catastrophe is just 6 months away. Even if the Kratom community in the USA is completely successful in keeping Kratom legal in the USA, the Kratom supply will still collapse at the beginning of 2022 when the Indonesian Kratom supply is cut off.

There remains hope that Kratom could be grown in other countries like Papua New Guinea, and that eventually alternative Kratom growing regions could replace the supply-loss from the Indonesian Kratom ban. However, even in a best case scenario there would be an extreme supply shock when Indonesia bans Kratom.

All things considered, if you are a Kratom user the best thing you can do at this time is stock up on Kratom in anticipation of the 2022 Indonesian ban, since even before the ban happens Kratom prices are likely to start rising significantly, and once the ban does happen prices will skyrocket to levels never seen before.

Other than stocking up, Kratom users should pray to God for a miracle. At this point it seems only divine intervention can stop the 2022 Indonesian Kratom ban, since all human efforts against the ban have been completely unsuccessful thus far.