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OPMS Black Kratom Experience Report - Powerful Euphoria, Energy, And Relaxation

OPMS Black

OPMS Black is a new highly potent Kratom extract which was created by the same people who produce OPMS Gold, which is the most popular Kratom extract in history. Further, OPMS Black claims to be much stronger than OPMS Gold, with a whopping 148 mg of Mitragynine and 7 mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine per capsule.

In-fact, these levels of alkaloids are so high that I’m wondering if I can even tolerate the power of 1 capsule, even though I’ve been a Kratom user for 11 years and I have a very high tolerance. Typically the maximum dose of extract I would take is 100 mg of Mitragynine.

Anyways, there’s only one way to find out how strong OPMS Black really is, so I took 1 capsule. Notably, I’m taking this capsule right after waking up, with nothing else in my system and on an empty stomach, so it should work to its full potential.

T + 0 (6:38 AM) I take 1 capsule.

T + 12 Over the past 5 minutes I began feeling a warm opioid sensation, and it is now quickly transforming into euphoria and energy.

T + 16 Effects are becoming increasingly powerful. It’s a very strong buzz bordering on intoxication, which is something I feel only during the strongest Kratom experiences.

T + 27 Opioid effects are rapidly increasing, including warmth and relief of all regular aches and pains. My entire body feels really amazing, and it’s like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket. 

T + 45 Effects are becoming way more soothing and settled, as opposed to the feeling of rapidly coming up that was happening before. It’s a strong and relaxing opioid feeling. Total serenity and peace.

T + 82 For a very long time I’ve been having a very energetic, euphoric, and relaxing effect. I am highly articulate and talkative, and I feel like this Kratom is even boosting my intelligence.

T + 130 I got a lot done, I’ve been very motivated. I still haven’t eaten actually, it seems this extract suppressed my appetite. Finally eating now though.

T + 135 I’m getting very sedated as I eat breakfast. It’s common for food to amplify the effects of Kratom.

T + 185 Effects have dropped off now, and the experience is about over.

Overall OPMS Black provided a powerful, euphoric, relaxing, and energetic Kratom experience. The effects were definitely unique relative to most other Kratom Extracts, especially since the euphoric and opioid effects were stronger than usual. Also it’s remarkable that just 1 pill provided such a potent experience. The downsides are this product is extremely expensive, and the effects doesn’t last more than a few hours. All things considered I’d highly recommend OPMS Black as an occasional treat, for people who are looking for a profound and special Kratom experience.