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OPMS Gold Experience Report


In this article I will describe the minute by minute experience when taking OPMS Gold, which is a powerful Kratom extract.

Each OPMS Gold capsule contains 84 mg of Mitragynine. I have a two pack and I will be taking both capsules, yielding a total dose of 168 mg of Mitragynine. This is equivalent to 11-17 grams of Kratom leaf, which is an incredibly strong dose. That being said, I’ve taken OPMS Gold many times in the past and my regular dose was at least 2 capsules, if not 3 capsules, so I believe this is the proper dose for this product.

Notably, I have not eaten anything yet today, nor taken any Kratom in over 24 hours, so this OPMS Gold should work to its full potential.

T + 0 I take the two capsules, which is incredibly convenient for such a strong dose. An equivalent dose of regular Kratom would be approximately 20-35 capsules.

T + 7 Perhaps the slightest feelings of warmth and analgesia are beginning, combined with an indescribable sense that strong effects are about to kick in.

T + 8 Light euphoria has suddenly become apparent, and an extremely mellow feeling.

T + 29 A feeling of warmth has been intensifying, and eventually transformed into analgesia. All my regular aches and soreness are quickly going away. Also a strong feeling of relaxation is coming upon me.

T + 36 I ate a little breakfast and the effects are rapidly becoming more euphoric and analgesic. Food helps Kratom to digest and absorb.

T + 43 Effects continue to intensify. It’s a very warm, pleasant, and euphoric feeling. I’m feeling contended and happy to be alive.

T + 54 An incredible state of serenity and euphoria has descended upon me. I am full of life and vigor.

T + 75 Feeling very articulate, talkative, and euphoric. It is really fun to do work right now, as opposed to the typical monotony.

T + 130 I went for a long walk and was filled with energy. Now that I’m back inside and sitting I’m quickly starting to feel sedated. Indeed, from what I remember from my past experiences, OPMS Gold can get very sedating around the 2-3 hour mark.

T + 193 Over the past hour I’ve been feeling incredibly articulate and talkative. Starting to get a bit more tired now, but overall this OPMS Gold has been excellent for work and has made my day very enjoyable. Potent warm and analgesic effects continue as well.

T + 222 I ate some lunch and now I’m getting very sedated.  I even drank some Coca Cola cause I don’t want to go to sleep now, but Caffeine is doing nothing to overcome the sedation. That being said, it is a relaxing and pleasant sedation.

T + 242 When I laid down the analgesic effects drastically intensified. I feel extremely refreshed from just a 20 minute nap, and I feel like I just came back from the beach or slept all night.

Overall this OPMS Gold provided a powerful and long lasting experience, with hours of euphoria, analgesia, cognitive stimulation, and relaxation. Also, this is probably the most convenient way to take a very high dose of Kratom, since just two capsules is required. Therefore, although OPMS Gold is quite expensive relative to regular Kratom Powder, I believe it is a nice treat that Kratom users can take from time to time if they want a really powerful experience.