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OPMS Liquid Kratom Shot Experience Report

opms liquid kratom

This article provides an in-depth analysis, including a minute by minute experience report, on what it is like to take the OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract Shot, which can be obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals. This shot contains 118 mg of Mitragynine, which is a powerful dose equivalent to roughly 8-12 grams of Kratom powder.

This is one of the most popular Kratom extract shots and it has been around for many years. Indeed, the first time I took an OPMS shot was over 5 years ago, and practically every smoke shop I have been to over the past 5 years has recommended the OPMS shot over any of the other shots they have.

Notably, I have not eaten yet today, or taken any Kratom product in over 2 days, so this shot should work to its full potential.

T + 0 I open up the tight plastic seal, only to find a metal seal as well. This is a good thing, since it guarantees that the shot is 100% fresh. Before taking off the final seal I shake the shot as hard as I can, since from what I remember the extract in these OPMS shots usually settles at the bottom.

Once I open up the shot a powerful aroma greets me. Although the smell is perhaps potent and bitter, I really like it, since it reminds me of my past OPMS shot experiences.

I take the shot, and the taste is extremely potent. It sends shivers up and down my whole body instantly.

T + 1 Within seconds, a flush of warmth flows across my whole body, followed immediately by a feeling of floatiness. Although some people might not believe that a Kratom product can cause effects in less than a minute, this one definitely does.

T + 2 The warm feelings and floatiness continue, and perhaps a light euphoria is starting as well.

T + 8 The feelings of warmth are really intensifying now. It feels like I’m in a sauna. This is probably a good thing to take for anyone who is dealing with cold winter weather.

T + 13 The intense warmth has stopped, and has instantly transformed into a feeling of peace and relaxation. Analgesic (pain killing) effects have begun, and all aches and pains are gone, physically and mentally.

T + 24 I’m feeling very talkative and articulate, and simultaneously I feel moderate euphoria. I think it’s about time to eat, since I haven’t eaten today.

T + 42 I ate a little breakfast and feeling calm, moderately euphoric, and very relaxed.

T + 44 Euphoria is intensifying. Feeling very serene.

T + 68 I’m continuing to feel quite euphoric. Just very contented and happy to be alive. Simultaneously I have a very nice body buzz/analgesia.

T + 124 The effects are starting to diminish. Still feeling strong analgesic effects, combined with moderate euphoria. Overall this shot has really helped me to do my work today, it’s mostly energetic with only a tad of sedation.

T + 188 Effects have continued to ware off, leaving me relaxed and moderately sedated. This OPMS Kratom shot has a short duration relative to Kratom Powder, which is normal for Kratom shots.

Overall the OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is very fast acting, with effects starting in the first minute, and effects quickly climbed to a highly euphoric and serene peak within an hour. The effects of the shot only lasted 3-4 hours, so this product has a short duration just like most other Kratom shots. Ultimately I am happy with the experience though, since the relaxing, mood lifting, energizing, and pain relieving effects were potent, and this shot helped me to have a very nice day.