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Passionflower 10X Extract Tablets Experience Report


Today I aim to experience the full effects of Passionflower for the first time, via taking a strong dose of Passionflower 10X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals. In the below article I describe the minute by minute experience.

Passionflower, which has the scientific name Passiflora Incarnata, is a beautiful and exotic ethnobotanical (see above picture), and it provides mood lifting, calming, and relaxing effects. Furthermore, there is widespread subjective evidence that Passionflower is slightly psychedelic when taken in strong doses.

T + 0 (4 PM) I take 1 tablet equivalent to 1,000 mg Passionflower. Notably, I am lethargic and tired before beginning this experience, and I’m hoping this Passionflower re-invigorates my day.

T + 3 I am feeling a strange and enjoyable surge of energy.

T + 6 Definitely feeling a surge of energy and euphoria, and my previous lethargy and lack of motivation is quickly going away.

T + 20 Experience has shifted towards a more relaxing feeling, and I’m definitely feeling much more lively than before.

T + 48 The Passionflower has definitely been making my afternoon more pleasant, and my mood has certainly been lifted.

I’m taking another 1,000 mg tablet now, and will see how much stronger/different Passionflower’s effects get.

T + 76 I’m feeling really good and happy right now. This passionflower makes me very relaxed, happy, and motivated all at the same time.

After this point I felt increasing relaxing and sedative effects, and I ended up going to sleep around sunset, far earlier than I usually do, and didn’t wake up until the morning.

Based on this experience it is apparent that Passionflower has strong mood lifting and relaxing effects, and in higher doses Passionflower is clearly useful for inducing sleep / combatting insomnia. Overall, Passionflower is a potent herb, and also it is interesting to combine it with Kratom.