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Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Saved People From Alcoholism

kratom for alcoholism

A previous article on The Kratom Herald discussed how a scientific study proved that Kratom can combat alcoholism, via reducing alcohol’s reward response in the brain. That article also includes my own story about how Kratom miraculously and unexpectedly cured my alcoholism. Further, an article which was posted on The Kratom Herald yesterday discussed how scientists experimentally proved that Kratom is highly effective for alleviating alcohol withdrawal.

Thus, science definitively shows that Kratom can manage, if not cure, alcoholism, which is a big deal since alcohol kills 3.3 million people every year according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which is over 9,000 alcohol induced deaths every day. Therefore, Kratom could really save a lot of lives since it can both alleviate alcohol withdrawal and reduce alcohol addiction.

Indeed, this article contains a collection of real-life stories about how Kratom has saved the lives of people who were dealing with severe alcoholism, corroborating the findings of the peer reviewed scientific studies mentioned above.

Was Losing Everything Due To Alcoholism, And Kratom Saved His Life

Kratom was there only thing I found in my years as a very heavy alcoholic to help me quit. I tried countless times to stop drinking and every time it just got worse until I was severely under weight, sick and almost losing everything. I have used kratom daily to help with any cravings I have for harder substances.

Kratom Eliminated The Desire For Alcohol

I am an addict/alcoholic and have been since I was a young adult. I’ve been to rehab, AA, NA, and a live-in therapeutic community in the 70s. I also was diagnosed with “bi-polar 2” thirty years ago, which presents as chronic anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until I discovered and tried kratom 2 years ago that I finally feel like I have a handle on my mental and physical pain. I no longer have any desire for alcohol, and my anxiety and depression are reduced to a level I can live with. There is no doubt kratom has not only saved my life, but made living much more tolerable. I’m 73 and hopefully will enjoy quite a few good years of life ahead.

Got My Life Back From Alcoholism

Kratom has saved my life. I come from a long history of alcoholics in my family, and I was on that same path but if it weren’t for kratom I wouldn’t be functioning as an adult today. I have ended up in the hospital multiple times, lost many jobs and couldn’t even find a reason to live anymore. Taking kratom has helped balance my mood. I’ve seen many people get off of hard drugs and manage excruciating pain with it as well. I can imagine how many lives that would affect if freedom was made unavailable to the millions of people that use it to survive. Please pay attention to these people as they reach out to you about this subject because for many of them it would be the last straw for their efforts to stay sober, or their efforts to manage pain.

Went From 8-15 Beers A Day + Hard Liquor To Zero Drinks Thanks To Kratom

Kratom keeps me sober. I was an alcoholic and would drink between 8-15 beers daily, along with hard liquor. I fell asleep behind the wheel on a highway leaving a nightclub downtown and thankfully I woke up. I prayed for God to help me, but I could not overcome my addiction on my own and put my life and other lives in danger when drinking by being irresponsible. My coworker suggested kratom to me. I researched online and saw that kratom is natural, so I tried it. I immediately felt optimistic about life, and continued to research more and have not stopped yet. I have been using kratom for about one year and haven’t had a drink since my first month of consuming kratom. Without kratom, I would probably be dead, and possibly crashed into some innocent bystander while drunk. Kratom has given me a new outlook on life and I am writing this to let you know that kratom doesn’t destroy lives, it saves them. My eyes are tearing up as I write this. I usually work about 60 hours a week and have aches and pain that kratom dulls so that I can stay productive. It is a lifesaver for many. It is the safest thing I consume and works wonders for the mind and body, I feel a closer connection to God and feel that my life has more purpose now. Please research the benefits of kratom. Thank you and God bless

Years Of Alcoholism Lead To Debilitating Pain, And Kratom Saved His Life

I started using kratom over 4 years ago. I was drinking heavily for much of my adult life. After age 45, I developed debilitating pain in my legs and feet. I am poor and uninsured like many Americans and since I cannot see a doctor, I researched myself. My best guess is that it was gout resulting from my alcoholism. It took several minutes every morning to get to my feet. I would lean against a wall as I took my first steps. It felt like I was walking on glass. My roommates invited me to a trip to Disney World and I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk the park all day long. I heard that kratom relieves pain safely for millions of people, so I tried it. Kratom did help a lot with the pain and since alcohol and kratom don’t mix well at all, I quit drinking alcoholically. Since that day, I have been in a biking accident and a car accident. I have chronic pain in my knees and back. My chiropractor and the nurse practitioner approved my kratom use, as it is safer and more effective than the dangerous opiates prescribed to so many Americans. I take kratom twice a day. I work in a large store stocking shelves and I cycle over 150 miles a week. This is only possible because of kratom! I have also been able to go to SeaWorld and Universal Studios and walk the entire parks pain free.

Kratom Completely Eliminated Alcohol Cravings

I had been battling substance abuse & addiction for at least 10 years now. Juggling my private, professional life, & emotions everyday. I tried everything! Kratom is the only thing that works. It’s a substance that doesn’t make you incoherent. Doesn’t cause violence. Isn’t hard to quit. And it completely kills my alcohol cravings. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It saved my life. In America, thousands feel the same. If & when Kratom is outlawed, it will cause the larg- est substance abuse explosion we’ve ever seen. I’m very concerned about this.

Overdosed And Nearly Died Due To Alcoholism, Kratom Saved His Life

Kratom has saved my life from a life long addiction to alcoholism. Alcoholism was the cause of myself dying at the age of 18. Luckily I was revived and lived through the overdose of alcohol. Alcohol is extremely dangerous, extremely addictive and addiction to alcohol will eventually kill. I am now sober, I have a beautiful quality of life, free from addiction thanks to a wonderful God blessed leaf known as kratom. Kratom has also helped with fibromyalgia like symptoms and pain. I can actually work fast and efficient pain free thanks to the leaf of the kratom tree. I urge all who reads this, that kratom remain free just as nature intended it to be in the first place. Thank you for taking your time to read my brief but detailed experience I have had with kratom. I can finally live with a beautiful outlook on life free from pain, making my quality of life the best since I was born. God bless you all, and God bless kratom and the people.

14 Months Sober Thanks To Kratom

I have had a troubled past with alcohol and since using Kratom I haven’t drank for 14 months. Kratom helps me relax after work instead of using alcohol. Plus these plant medicines should be legal since this is supposed to be a free country and making plants illegal is an asinine concept.

Sober For 2 Years After 7 Years Of Alcoholism

I starting taking Kratom about a year and a half ago. I struggled with depression very bad and I would use alcohol to cope with it. I’ve been in and out of rehab since I was 17. I’m now 26. Kratom has helped me stay away from all drugs including marijuana and alcohol. It saved my life. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now and that’s the longest ever since I was 15 years old.

Kratom Cured Alcoholism When Nothing Else Worked

Kratom stopped my alcoholism in its tracks. It gave me back my life. Nothing else worked. This is truly an amazing and beneficial plant. Please keep this available to anyone that wants Kratom in their healthy arsenal of alternative measures. Also, Kratom stopped my chronic arthritis pain; prevents muscle spasms in my neck due to an auto accident many years ago; and works as an antidepressant. The work on pain does not destroy my liver and the antidepres- sant help does not lead to negative results.

20 Years Of Alcoholism Ended By Kratom

Had dealt with alcohol addiction for over 20 years and gone through several rehabilitation but couldn’t stay for long with the chronic depression and pain. Lost jobs, family, and health with the addiction until I found Kratom. It’s been over 13 years and working full time. Got my family back and functioning in society. Depression is gone and enjoying life again.

From Tons Of Liquor A Day To Zero Thanks To Kratom

I have seen Kratom help countless opiate addicts break away from a death spiral. Me personally, it has helped me break away from alcoholism. I was drinking 1/3 -1/2 fifth a vodka, whiskey, whatever I could find each night. I do still drink on occasion but that’s what great about Kratom. If I feel the urge to drink I have a small amount of Kratom powder and the urge subsides. Regardless of the legal outcomes of Kratom I will continue to use.

Went From Drinking Everyday To Total Sobriety With The Help Of Kratom

Kratom has helped me to not drink al- cohol. Before Kratom I was an alcoholic that drank almost everyday to the point of inebriation. Drinking Kratom teas instead let’s me keep my wits and gives me energy to accomplish household and work projects feeling great. I have found a new sober community through Kratom where we can drink tea and so- cialize without the drama and risks associated with alcohol. So thankful for Kra- tom!