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Rhode Island And Vermont Are Moving To Legalize Kratom

In the United States there are unfortunately 6 states where Kratom is banned, including Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Vermont. This is a tragic situation since in states where Kratom is banned Americans have no alternative besides dangerous and deadly synthetic opioids, opiates, and prescription medications

The good news is the list of banned states may get smaller in 2021. Indeed, both Rhode Island and Vermont are moving to legalize Kratom, and if Kratom is ultimately legalized in those states it will undoubtedly save the lives of countless Americans.

Essentially, Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) bills have been introduced both in Rhode Island and Vermont. If the KCPA is passed in Rhode Island and Vermont, then the Kratom ban that is currently in place will be replaced with Kratom regulations, and Kratom will once again become legal.

Basically, the KCPA ensures that only safe, pure, and un-adulterated Kratom is allowed to be sold, and this will assuage the fears of any regulators who believe that Kratom can be dangerous, since as long as strict guidelines are followed when producing Kratom, then there is zero chance that Kratom can cause any harm.

All of this being said, nothing is set in stone yet, and the KCPA bills in Rhode Island and Vermont will need to be passed by the state House and Senate before they become law. However, it seems the odds are on the side of the KCPA bills passing, since the KCPA is seeing success in many states across the nation right now, and simultaneously there is abundant scientific evidence which proves that Kratom is safe.

Thus, there is a good chance that Kratom will be legalized in Rhode Island and Vermont later this year, although the Kratom community will have to fight as hard as they can to get the KCPA passed in both Rhode Island and Vermont, and this legalization battle could last for several months.