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Rhodiola Rosea Extract Tablets From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report: One Of The Only Legal Stimulant Herbs

Rhodiola rosea

For a long time I’ve been looking for an herb that is truly a stimulant, and it is not easy to find such an herb, since most of the really good stimulating herbs are illegal, such as Coca, Khat, and Ephedra.

However, today I will be trying an herb which could indeed provide stimulant effects. It is called Rhodiola Rosea, and it originates from the Arctic. Basically, it is a shrub that grows across the Arctic Tundra, and since ancient times people have used this herb to cope with the extreme conditions in the Arctic.

Essentially, Rhodiola Rosea is considered an adaptogen, meaning it helps people adapt to their environment via increasing athletic performance, reducing fatigue, and reducing stress. Further, subjective data indicates that this herb increases brain function as well, via increasing mental performance.

Despite the promising subjective and scientific evidence, at this time it is unknown which alkaloids in this herb cause its stimulating effects. Indeed, the pharmacology of Rhodiola Rosea is extremely complex, and it contains a plethora of alkaloids, flavonoids, anthraquinones, phenols, organic acids, phenolic acids, and terpenoids.

In any case, there’s only one way to find out if this herb really works as a stimulant. I proceed to take a Rhodiola Rosea Extract Tablet from Amazing Botanicals.

T + 0 (1:27 pm) I take 1 tablet. It has a strong taste similar to soy sauce. I take it while eating a high-protein breakfast consisting of fried eggs.

T + 5 I am definitely feeling a surge of stimulant energy. I was on a business call just now and was running around with the phone. Also warmth is spreading across my body.

T + 9 I had to run to the bathroom, which is a common effect of stimulants.

T + 12 I am feeling a stimulant-esque euphoria, and I have tons of energy. This is a lot like a dose of Adderall, except it’s a far more natural feeling than Adderall.

T + 67 It seems the effects have largely worn off already, after a solid hour of energy. No side effects or comedown.

I’m taking another Rhodiola Rosea tablet now.

T + 73 Feeling another surge of energy, euphoria, and warmth after taking the 2nd tablet.

T + 170 The energetic effects from the 2nd tablet continued strongly for 30-60 minutes, and I even have decent energy through now. It’s a sort’ve energy where if I’m not doing anything I’m very relaxed, but as soon as there’s a phone call or errand I feel a surge of energy.

Overall, Rhodiola Rosea has an excellent stimulating, euphoric, and relaxing effect. The effects don’t last very long, maybe an hour or two, but that is actually an upside, since it’s not good to be stimulated for too long anyways. Overall, this is definitely a very unique and good ethnobotanical, since it is one of the only legal stimulant herbs, and it actually works.

On a final note, I theorize that mixing Rhodiola Rosea with Kratom and/or Coffee would lead to much more powerful stimulating effects, and therefore if you end up using this herb, that sort’ve combo is worth a try.