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Scientific Study Finds That Kratom Has The Potential To Reduce The Spread Of HIV, Via Reducing Risky Sexual And Injecting Behaviors In HIV Positive Opioid Addicts

HIV is an extremely serious viral infection that has infected up to 100 million people, and 38 million people were living with HIV as of 2019. The reason that HIV is so bad is that it causes the collapse of the immune system, leading to chronic illness and eventually death. Indeed, 690,000 people died from HIV in 2019.

The primary ways that HIV spreads is via risky sexual behavior and sharing needles, and this makes HIV infection especially prevalent among Heroin addicts. In-fact, HIV wouldn’t spread nearly as much as it does if it weren’t for Heroin addicts sharing needles.

The good news is that a new scientific study titled ‘Effects of kratom ( Mitragyna speciosa Korth.) in reducing risk-behaviors among a small sample of HIV positive opiate users in Malaysia‘¬†has found that Kratom has the potential to mitigate this problem.

This study surveyed 32 HIV positive Heroin users, and found that 60% of the people surveyed used Kratom to suppress opiate withdrawal and to reduce Heroin dependence. More importantly, 38% of the people surveyed said that Kratom reduced their risky injecting and sexual behaviors.

Indeed, it is common knowledge that Kratom reduces Heroin use, and in-fact countless people have used Kratom to completely quit Heroin. Logically, since Kratom reduces Heroin use, Kratom also helps to mitigate the spread of HIV, since if less people inject Heroin then there are less people sharing needles, and therefore less people being exposed to HIV.

Ultimately this study calls for a bigger study on this same issue, since the sample size of 32 people is quite small in this study, and a bigger survey group is needed in order to produce definitive results.

That being said, a similar study from a year ago which surveyed 260 people found the same result, which is that Kratom reduces the IV use of hard drugs and reduces risky sexual behavior as well.

Thus, Kratom has the potential to curtail the global HIV epidemic, since Kratom reduces the use of hard drugs and reduces risky sexual behavior, which are the two primary mechanisms via which HIV spreads.