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Scientific Study Finds That Kratom Lowers Cholesterol, Also Confirms That Kratom Doesn't Cause Liver Damage

kratom cholesterol

A new scientific study has come out from the University Sains Malaysia, and it is titled ‘Lipid Profile of Regular Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa Korth.) Users in the Community Setting‘. This study found that Kratom actually lowers cholesterol, and also this study confirmed that Kratom does not cause liver damage, based on comparing blood test data from 100 Kratom users to 100 non-kratom users.

First off, the scientists confirmed that the liver function of all 100 Kratom users was in a normal range. In other words it was found that Kratom is not detrimental to the liver. This is not the main point of this study, since the study focuses on cholesterol and lipids, but it is actually a major finding. In the past there has been media hype surrounding Kratom and liver damage, even though though the data backing up that hype was quite inconclusive. Specifically, there are only a tiny number of cases where Kratom users had liver damage, and pre-existing health conditions and other drug use is not accounted for in these cases.

Essentially, when it comes to Kratom and liver damage it’s the same sort of situation as ‘Kratom deaths‘, where just because someone took Kratom at some point, their liver damage is blamed on Kratom, even if a drug or medical condition caused the damage.

Now perhaps the speculation that Kratom can cause liver damage can finally be put to rest, since this scientific study found that all 100 of the Kratom users they tested had healthy liver functioning.

The study’s other major finding was that cholesterol levels were lower in Kratom users relative to non-kratom users. High cholesterol levels can lead to various forms of heart diseases due to clogging up arteries, and therefore it is a very good thing that Kratom can counteract high cholesterol.

Even better, this study found that Kratom lowers LDL cholesterol while HDL cholesterol levels were unaffected. LDL cholesterol is ‘bad’ cholesterol since it can clog up the arteries, while HDL cholesterol is considered ‘good’ cholesterol since it prevents the clogging of arteries.

Therefore, Kratom helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL), while simultaneously not inhibiting good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

That being said, this study also found that increasing Kratom dosage frequency diminished the cholesterol lowering benefits of Kratom. In other words, if someone takes Kratom many times a day, then Kratom does not work as well for lowering cholesterol.

Thus, this scientific study has found that Kratom lowers cholesterol, and this is yet another thing to add to Kratom’s long list of benefits. Also, this scientific study confirmed that Kratom does not cause liver damage, a result which should help to squash out some of the anti-Kratom hype in the media.