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Scientific Study Finds That Natural Kratom And Full Spectrum Extracts Have A Much Higher Oral Bioavailability And Last Much Longer Than Isolated Mitragynine

Kratom extracts are incredibly convenient and oftentimes highly potent, and I personally enjoy them from time to time. That being said, I have noticed that natural Kratom lasts much longer than most extracts, and more importantly, natural Kratom usually provides me with more medicinal benefits than most Kratom extracts.

To be clear however, not all extracts are created equal, and I have found that some full spectrum extracts can provide just as much benefits as regular Kratom leaf, and the Kratom extracts that are lacking effects are not full spectrum, rather they contain isolated Mitragynine.

Indeed, natural Kratom has over 50 alkaloids, each of which has its own unique medicinal benefits and effects. On the other hand, Kratom extracts which contain isolated Mitragynine, with little if any of the other alkaloids, cut over 50 alkaloids out of the equation, which logically leads to less medicinal benefits.

In-fact, a scientific study has proven that natural Kratom and full spectrum extracts are much more effective for managing opioid withdrawal than isolated Mitragynine.

Now more evidence has come to light which explains why natural Kratom and full spectrum extracts provide better effects than isolated Mitragynine. A scientific study titled ‘Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Mitragynine after Oral Adminis- tration of Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) Leaf Extracts in Rats‘ investigated and compared the pharmacokinetics of natural Kratom, full spectrum Kratom extract, and isolated Mitragynine.

It was found that natural Kratom had a bioavailability of 25%, whereas isolated Mitragynine had a bioavailability of just 17%. In other words, when someone takes natural Kratom they get 50% more Mitragynine than if they took an equivalent dose of isolated Mitragynine, since the body breaks down less of the Mitragynine in natural Kratom.

That being said, it was found that the full spectrum Kratom extract had the highest bioavailability of 31%, indicating that a proper full spectrum extract is even better than natural Kratom in terms of bioavailability.

Further, the half-life showed a similar trend, with isolated Mitragynine having a half-life of just 3.3 hours, natural Kratom having a half-life of 5.7 hours, and full spectrum Kratom extract having a half-life of 7.8 hours.

Putting all of this together, isolated Mitragynine has the lowest oral bioavailability and lasts for the shortest amount of time, meaning isolated Mitragynine is the least effective. Natural Kratom lasts for almost double the amount of time as isolated Mitragynine based on the half-life data, and it has a 50% better absorption rate. Full spectrum Kratom extract was the most efficient, with a half-life hours longer than natural Kratom and an even higher bioavailability than natural Kratom.

The scientists who conducted this study give some theories for why this is the case, including that natural Kratom contains molecules which enhance the permeability/solubility of Mitragynine, molecules that inhibit the liver enzymes which break down Mitragynine, and molecules which slow down the digestion of the Kratom which makes it so it has more time to digest and release Mitragynine.

Zooming out, this seems to be a classic case of how plants naturally provide better effects than alkaloids isolated from a plant. Basically, all of the molecules in Kratom work in unison to create longer lasting, stronger, and more medicinal effects than Mitragynine by itself.

Thus, if you are looking for Kratom that is longer lasting, stronger, and has more medicinal benefits, science indicates that natural Kratom and full spectrum Kratom extracts are the best choices, and that extracts which contain isolated Mitragynine are not as strong and don’t last as long.