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Scientists Gave Rats Massive Overdoses Of Kratom Extract, 10 Times More Than A Human Could Handle, And Used This Data To Falsely Claim That Kratom Impairs Learning And Memory

A common Kratom misinformation tactic that pops up from time to time is scientific studies which give animals massive overdoses of Kratom, and when the animals predictably get damaged, the scientists claim that the experiments are proof that Kratom is dangerous to humans. Presumably, Big Pharma is doing this in order to build up a case that Kratom is dangerous and deadly.

For example, a previous article on The Kratom Herald discussed how scientists subjected fish to constant and massive overdoses of Kratom, and when the fish were predictably damaged the scientists tried to use this as proof that Kratom is dangerous.

Now another example of this sort of misinformation has come out.¬†Specifically, in the study ‘The effects of chronic mitragynine (Kratom) exposure on the EEG in rats‘ the scientists sought to prove that Kratom impairs learning and memory, and the scientists conclude “These findings suggest that acute and chronic mitragynine can have profound effects on EEG activity, which may underlie effects on behavioral activity and cognition, particularly learning and memory function.”

From the surface this study would appear sound to almost anyone who is reading it, since the scientists did all sorts of advanced brain scans to achieve these results. However, the devil is in the details. Upon closer inspection, the scientists gave 10 mg/kg of pure Mitragynine to the rats, which is an insane dose.

To put this in perspective, I weigh over 120 kg and I have a strong Kratom tolerance since I’ve been using Kratom for a decade, and the most Kratom extract I can handle in one dose is 100 mg of Mitragynine, and even at that dose I would be knocked out for some hours.

Equivalently, a dose of 0.8-0.9 mg/kg is pretty much the maximum Mitragynine dose that a human can take, but in this study the scientists gave the rats 10 mg/kg, equivalent to 1,200 mg of Mitragynine in one dose for a 120 kg human like me!

If I could somehow stomach such an extreme overdose of Kratom extract, I would be somewhere between completely dizzy, a massive headache, and knocked out.

Essentially, these ‘scientists’ gave the rats extreme overdoses of Mitragynine, and the rats were undoubtedly incapacitated, and the scientists used that as proof that Kratom impairs learning and memory. Not only that, but the scientists gave the rats these extreme overdoses of Kratom extract for 28 consecutive days.

Thus, Big Pharma continues to sponsor studies like this where animals are given massive overdoses of Kratom, in an attempt to build up a portfolio of scientific studies which prove that Kratom is dangerous. However, when it comes down to it this sort of methodology, where animals are given an unbelievably extreme dose of Kratom, can be used to prove that anything is dangerous.

Indeed, if rats are injected with too much water then the rats would be damaged, but that certainly would not prove that water is dangerous, and likewise this sort of data does not prove that Kratom is dangerous.

On a final note, the fact that Big Pharma’s scientists are resorting to massively overdosing animals to prove that Kratom is dangerous is in-fact proof that Kratom is not dangerous, since if Kratom caused any damage at normal doses then Big Pharma would not need to resort to this absurd methodology.