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Speciosa Shot Experience Report, A Mix Of Kratom And 9 Other Medicinal/Psychoactive Ethnobotanicals

speciosa shot

In practically all of the other experience reports that I’ve posted on The Kratom Herald I’ve taken products that were purely Kratom. This review will be special however, since I’m taking a shot that contains Kratom and 9 other medicinal/psychoactive ethnobotanicals.

Specifically, I am taking the Speciosa Shot, which can be obtained from NuWave Botanicals, and it contains 10 ethnobotanicals including Kratom, L-Theanine (the active compound in Green Tea), White Willow Bark (contains the natural equivalent to aspirin and is therefore a potent anti-inflammatory), Sacred Lotus, Skullcap, Wild Dagga, Boswellia, California Poppy, Corydalis, and Passion flower.

It would take a huge article to describe the effects of all of the above herbs, but to put a long story short, these herbs generally have relaxing, sedative, and mood lifting properties, and combined with Kratom it should theoretically lead to a powerfully relaxing experience.

Notably, I’ve decided to save this shot for the middle of the night, since I believe there’s a high probability that the combination of all of these sedative/relaxing herbs will basically knock me out, which would be inappropriate for the day time.

Also, I haven’t taken Kratom in roughly two days (and this is in-fact why I am up in the middle of the night), so this shot should work to its full potential.

T + 0 I vigorously shake the shot before opening it up. It smells really delicious, quite reminiscent of the smell of Viva Zen.

I start drinking it, and it tastes just like Viva Zen. This really brings back some great memories, since I used to drink lots of Viva Zen back in the day.

Ironically, I look at the time and it is exactly 4:20 AM. I did not mean to drink this exactly at 4:20 AM, I didn’t even know what time it was. However, there couldn’t be a better time than 4:20 for drinking 10 psychoactive herbs at once!

T + 10 A feeling of being very relaxed and perhaps slightly sedated is washing over me, simultaneous with some classic Kratom analgesia and warmth. There seems to be a light intoxication as well. Basically, lots of effects becoming apparent all at the same time.

T + 20 First euphoric effects becoming apparent, feeling very relaxed and happy. During the first 15 minutes it seemed that all sorts of effects were happening at once, but now the effects are ‘consolidating’ into one smooth experience.

T + 29 Warm and analgesic effects are becoming much stronger, all my regular aches and pains are almost gone. Also I’m feeling more sedation, and I’m not far from needing to go to sleep.

T + 39 The warm/analgesic effects are getting so strong it feels like I’m in a sauna. Also reality is taking on a dream-like tinge.

T + 52 Sedation has increased a lot, still not quite at the point where I am forced to lay down, just incredibly relaxed.

T + 80 More than anything this experience has just been very relaxing, and steadily I’ve been getting more and more sedated. It’s definitely really unique compared to a regular Kratom experience.

T + 100 Finally need to go to bed.

T + 165 I was in-between sleeping, dreaming, and being awake during the time I just spend in bed. It was very odd, likely an effect of mixing 10 ethnobotanicals at once, but unquestionably enjoyable.

Now that I’m up I feel very awake, and simultaneously highly relaxed, and ready to start the day. Even though I didn’t sleep much it feels like I slept all night, which is remarkable.

After this point I went to sleep a few hours later, and I slept pretty much the whole day and night. Notably, I felt somewhat sedated for a couple of days after taking this shot, likely due to all of the different ethnobotanicals lingering in my system.

Overall, the Speciosa Shot provided an incredibly unique Kratom experience, since the relaxation and sedation was so intense. However, this is definitely a shot that should only be taken at night time, if not only on the weekend, since the sedating effects from the mix of ethnobotanicals can last for a very long time.