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Tennessee Is Going To Outlaw Kratom Packages That Are Less Than 5 Ounces Or Greater Than 7 Ounces, Effectively Banning Most Kratom Products

kratom Tennessee

Tennessee has been historically harsh on Kratom, and has previously passed a law which banned all Kratom extracts while simultaneously banning the sale of Kratom to anyone under the age of 21. That being said, despite all Kratom extracts being banned, at least natural Kratom, including Kratom leaf and Kratom powder, has remained legal in Tennessee.

However, Kratom laws are apparently about to get much harsher in Tennessee. A new bill calls for all Kratom products less than 5 ounces and greater than 7 ounces to be outlawed in Tennessee. This bill has already been passed by the Tennessee Senate apparently, and will go into effect on July 1.

The law specifically says “It is an offense for a person to knowingly sell, or offer for sale, Kratom in a package size less than five ounces (5 oz.) or more than seven ounces (7 oz.)”.

This law will effectively ban every Kratom product besides bags of Kratom powder that are roughly 6 ounces in size. This means that citizens of Tennessee will no longer be able to buy ounces of Kratom nor kilos of Kratom.

Further, this law will severely stifle wholesale trading of Kratom in Tennessee. Essentially, Kratom vendors typically buy and sell Kratom in quantities ranging from 10 kilos to 10,000 kilos for supply purposes, and under the new law Tennessee citizens will no longer be able to do this.

Essentially, any wholesale Kratom distributors in Tennessee will be put out of business by this law.

Also, another part of this new law states that only retailers are allowed to sell Kratom in Tennessee, effectively banning any peer to peer Kratom trading.

The silver lining is that Kratom will remain legal in Tennessee even if this law passes. However, this new law will bring harsher restrictions than ever before on the Kratom industry in Tennessee, via banning peer to peer Kratom trading, banning wholesale Kratom distribution, and eliminating all Kratom products besides bags of Kratom powder that are roughly 6 ounces in size.

On a final note, what is happening in Tennessee is an excellent example of how the government has the potential to pass increasingly strict and absurd regulations on Kratom once they get involved, and therefore it is likely better for Kratom to be completely unregulated, which is the case in most of the country at this time.