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Thailand Banned Kratom In 1943 Since The Government Controlled The Opium Trade And Was Losing Money Due To People Switching From Opium To Kratom

We may think the war on Kratom is a relatively new thing, since Big Pharma and the FDA only began attacking Kratom within the last decade. However, the current attack on Kratom is merely history repeating itself, since the original Kratom ban occurred in Thailand in 1943, and Kratom was banned in Thailand for pretty much the exact same reasons that Big Pharma is trying to ban Kratom now.

Specifically, back in the early-mid 1900s the government of Thailand controlled the Opium Trade. Literally, the government made a profit from every single gram of Opium that was sold within the country via a heavy tax, while simultaneously cracking down on anyone who sold Opium without paying the tax.

Over time the tax became heavier and heavier, to the point that many people could not afford Opium anymore. The Thai government did all of this under the guise that they were aiming to reduce Opium usage, but the reality was that the Thai government was highly dependent on the money they received from the Opium Trade, and they were trying to squeeze every last dollar out of the addicted populace.

Case in point, increasing amounts of Opium users in Thailand began to switch to Kratom due to the rising Opium prices, since even back then it was well-known that Kratom could be used to end Opium dependence.

Theoretically, if the government wanted to eliminate Opium usage, then they would be happy about people quitting Opium and switching to Kratom. However, the government was instead upset about the increasing Kratom use, since Opium usage began to significantly decline, which reduced the government’s income.

Things reached a boiling point in 1942-1943 when World War 2 caused a significant disruption to the Opium Trade, causing drastically declining revenues for the government.

In order to increase Opium usage the Thai government decided to ban Kratom in 1943 via the Kratom Act. A member of the Thai House of Representatives said the following “Taxes for opium are high while kratom is currently not being taxed. With the increase of those taxes, people are starting to use kratom instead and this has had a visible impact on our government’s income.”

Literally, the Thai government wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that they wanted to force people to use Opium by banning Kratom. This is a classic example of choosing money over lives, just like how Big Pharma and the FDA are trying to get Kratom banned so people will be forced to use prescription synthetic opioids.

Notably, the Thai government would have likely taken over the Kratom market if they could have, but the problem was that Kratom naturally grew all throughout Thailand, making it practically impossible to control the market. Ultimately, the Thai government decided to cut down as much Kratom forests as possible, while simultaneously scaring people from using Kratom, all in an effort to force people to use more Opium.

Zooming out, it is shocking how closely history is repeating itself. Putting the stories side by side, the Thai government was making tons of money from peddling Opium, and since people began to use Kratom instead, they chose money over lives and banned Kratom in order to force people to use Opium. Likewise, FDA/Big Pharma are making tons of money from peddling prescription opioids, people are beginning to use Kratom instead of these dangerous prescriptions, and FDA/Big Pharma is choosing money over lives and trying to get Kratom banned in order to force people to use prescription opioids.