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Thailand's House of Representatives Has Voted To Make Kratom Legal; The Bill Still Needs To Be Passed By The Senate Before Kratom Officially Becomes Legal

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Since over a year ago Thailand has been moving towards legalizing Kratom. The process of legalizing Kratom in Thailand has been quite slow, and in-fact it completely stalled out for most of 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but now it appears the initiative to legalize Kratom in Thailand is finally progressing.

The Thailand House of Representatives has voted to remove Kratom from the narcotics list, and notably, the Kratom legalization bill passed the House with a nearly unanimous vote of 319-7.

This is big news for the Kratom world, since Indonesia is on track to ban Kratom exports in just 11 months, which would cut off 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply. Therefore, if Thailand legalizes Kratom during 2021 it could help replace the loss of supply from Indonesia.

That being said, there are a few caveats. First off, Thailand’s Senate still has to pass the Kratom legalization bill, and even once that happens it will still take at least a few months for the bill to become law.

Secondly, only people granted permission by the Narcotics Control Board will be able to export Kratom, so it remains to be seen how limited Kratom exports will be. In-fact, it is possible that the Narcotics Control Board will stifle any attempts to export Kratom.

Thirdly, the bill could be re-written by the Senate before it becomes law, and it is possible that even stricter limitations will be placed on exporting Kratom.

Fourthly, even if exporting Kratom from Thailand was fully allowed, which is a big if, it may take years for Kratom production in Thailand to ramp up, especially since the government of Thailand cut down most of the Kratom forests in the 1940s back when Kratom was first declared illegal.

Thus, the fact that Thailand is moving towards legalizing Kratom, with the House passing a Kratom legalization bill, is a positive sign for the global Kratom supply. However, it remains to be seen if this bill will ultimately become law. Also, whether Thailand will be able to export significant amounts of Kratom, if any, is also in doubt.