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The 2022 Indonesian Kratom Ban Is Now Only 1 Year Away, Which Would Devastate America's Kratom Supply; There Is Still Hope It Will Be Overturned, But Covid Has Made It More Difficult To Reverse The Ban

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Six months ago The Kratom Herald discussed how Kratom is scheduled to be fully banned in Indonesia on New Year’s Day 2022. This would devastate America’s Kratom supply, since 95% of the Kratom imported into the United States is from Indonesia. Therefore, if Kratom does ultimately get banned in Indonesia at the beginning of 2022, Kratom supply in the United States would dry up and prices would skyrocket to hundreds of dollars per kilo, if not thousands of dollars per kilo. Undoubtedly this would lead to widespread suffering and death, since most Kratom users will no longer be able to afford Kratom.

Unfortunately, there have been no official indications that progress is being made towards overturning the Indonesian Kratom ban, and now that 2020 is coming to an end, this means that this doomsday scenario for American Kratom users is only 1 year away.

In-fact, on December 8 the Indonesia National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has re-affirmed that the 2022 Kratom ban is in full effect.

That being said, there is still hope. Indonesian Kratom growers and the American Kratom Association continue to be optimistic that it will be possible to overturn this Kratom ban before it takes effect, via providing the BNN with scientific information and real-life stories which prove that Kratom is safe.

Indeed, the Indonesian Kratom ban is based on misinformation from the FDA and Big Pharma, which says that Kratom is addictive and deadly, and if the BNN is willing to listen to the real science, then logically the ban will be overturned.

Also, the BNN has given consideration to Kratom farmers, which is why this ban was delayed by years. Basically, even though the BNN wants to ban Kratom, they don’t want to destroy the livelihood of Indonesian Kratom farmers, which is why the BNN gave Kratom farmers years to switch to other crops.

Since the BNN has already showed empathy towards Indonesian Kratom growers, perhaps that empathy will continue and the ban will be delayed or cancelled, especially since the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a global economic crash, making this the worst possible time to ban a lucrative industry like Kratom growing.

However, the Coronavirus Pandemic has slowed down legislative and regulatory processes worldwide, making it more difficult for pro-Kratom organizations to negotiate with the BNN. Essentially, if it wasn’t for the Coronavirus, perhaps the ban would have been overturned by now, but the Coronavirus has made it impossible for pro-Kratom organizations to meet with the BNN face to face, in addition to the fact that the BNN has their hands full with pandemic related issues.

Therefore, the sooner the Coronavirus Pandemic ends, the higher the likelihood is that pro-Kratom organizations will have a chance to change the BNN’s mind before New Year’s Day 2022. Unfortunately, it looks like the Coronavirus Pandemic could continue for most of 2021, leaving very little, if any, time for pro-Kratom organizations to meet with the BNN.

Thus, there is hope that the Kratom ban in Indonesia will be overturned before it goes into effect at the beginning of 2022, especially since the global economy is suffering and banning Kratom would devastate the income of countless Indonesians, and the misinformation that the ban is based on is easily refuted by the real science. However, the Kratom community needs to keep this ban in mind, and be wary about it, since it is only 1 year away and there are no official signs yet that it will be overturned.