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The American Kratom Association Is Making A Major Announcement Tomorrow That Will 'Alter The National Discussion About Kratom'; It Is Likely The Launch Of A Nationwide Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) Bill

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has declared that they will announce a major development in the fight to protect Kratom tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern Time. Mark Pocan, a Congressman from Wisconsin who has been an adamant supporter of Kratom, will be leading the press conference, and the announcement will “alter the national discussion about kratom”.

Anyone who wants to watch the press conference can do so via Zoom, and the signup is at this link.

At this time there is no official word on what this announcement will be about, although my educated guess is that the American Kratom Association is going to announce the launch of a nationwide Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) bill.

I could be wrong, and theoretically this announcement could be about anything, but here is why I think the nationwide KCPA will be announced tomorrow.

First off, I don’t believe the American Kratom Association would hype up this announcement if it was bad news, so therefore it must be good news.

Secondly, the nationwide KCPA has been expected for a long time. Indeed, 6 months ago the AKA actually provided lots of details about what the nationwide KCPA would do, including inhibiting the FDA’s power over Kratom, removing the Department of Health and Human Services Recommendation that Kratom be declared a Schedule I drug, and removing the Kratom import alert, which is an unjust law that causes massive amounts of Kratom to be seized and destroyed at the border.

It seems the Coronavirus Pandemic situation slowed down the launch of the nationwide KCPA, but it makes complete sense that the nationwide KCPA would be launched now, since a new Congress has just begun.

Thirdly, Congressman Mark Pocan led efforts in Congress to prevent the DEA from making Kratom illegal back in 2016, and therefore it would be very appropriate if Mark Pocan was the one who sponsored a nationwide KCPA bill.

Overall, it would be excellent news for Kratom if the nationwide KCPA bill is launched tomorrow, but once again, this article is just speculation, since the AKA will not make any official announcement until tomorrow, and it is possible the announcement is something else besides the nationwide KCPA. There is only one way to find out for sure, tune in tomorrow!