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The FDA Has Developed Four Portable Devices Which Detect Kratom, In Order To More Effectively Find And Destroy Kratom Imports At Ports Of Entry

A year ago The Kratom Herald posted an article about how the FDA had developed a hand-held device which detected Kratom with 99.3% accuracy, and this device presented a threat to Kratom importers, since there is a Kratom import alert in-effect, meaning if Kratom is detected by Customs & Border Protection then it is seized, and a device like this makes it much easier for Customs to detect Kratom shipments.

Unfortunately, this situation has worsened since the FDA has continued to invest in developing devices which detect Kratom. The FDA Forensic Chemistry Center has just released a new paper titled ‘Evaluation of four field portable devices for the rapid detection of mitragynine in suspected kratom products‘.

This paper describes how the FDA has developed four different Kratom detection devices which respectively use thermal desorption mass spectrometry (DART-TD-MS), hand-held mass spectrometry, portable ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), and portable Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR).

Essentially, the FDA is using the most advanced scientific methods and technology to create devices which can be used by Customs agents to stop Kratom at ports of entry.

Indeed, the FDA’s paper concludes: “Each device demonstrated attributes that would be favorable for use in screening of suspected mitragynine-containing products at places like ports of entry, and simultaneous deployment of two or more of these devices as part of a workflow would be the most effective for rapid screening of these products. This combination of rapid screening orthogonal techniques suited to a non-laboratory environment will allow onsite destruction of products found to contain mitragynine.

Considering all of this, Kratom importers need to be more careful than ever, since it can be expected that these Kratom detection devices will be deployed at all ports of entry in the United States.

In-fact, the American Kratom Association recently posted that a Kratom vendor based in Florida had their Kratom imports seized, and it seems possible that this seizure happened due to the FDA’s new technology.

On a final note, no matter how much technology the FDA has, a significant amount of Kratom imports will always get through due to the sheer volume of imports in the USA, which makes it impossible to screen every container being imported. Indeed, this same principle is why Cocaine and other Narcotics are still imported into the United States in massive quantities despite the fact that they are fully illegal.

Therefore, I’m not saying that the FDA’s new screening devices will completely stop Kratom imports. However, what I am saying is that Kratom importers need to be more careful than ever before, since the chance of import seizures is rising due to this new technology.