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The Indonesian Kratom Ban, And The Loss Of 95% Of The United States' Kratom Supply, Is Now Only 9 Months Away

As detailed in multiple articles previously posted on The Kratom Herald, Indonesia will officially ban Kratom on January 1 2022. Unfortunately this will happen only 9 months from now, and as of this writing there are zero indications that this ban will be overturned. If this ban does happen, America’s Kratom supply will be devastated, leading to widespread supply shortages and extreme price surges to hundreds or thousands of dollars per kilo.

To briefly summarize the legal situation, the Indonesia Kratom ban has already been ratified into law, it’s just that the ban will not go into full effect until New Year’s Day 2022. Essentially, the government decided to ban Kratom in 2019, but they allowed a several year delay until the ban went into effect in order to give Indonesian farmers a chance to transition from growing Kratom to growing other crops. Basically, if the ban happened suddenly, then it would devastate a significant fraction of the Indonesian economy and plunge countless Indonesians into poverty, so the government delayed the ban in order to create a smoother economic transition.

Zooming out, the over-arching reason for the Kratom ban is Big Pharma, which is on a relentless campaign to get Kratom banned. Basically, Kratom is the antithesis of Big Pharma’s mission to get the world sick and addicted, since Kratom cures people and saves lives.

Big Pharma has been trying and failing for years to get Kratom banned in the United States. However, via the Indonesian Kratom ban, Big Pharma is attacking the Kratom supply at its source.

Indeed, it is estimated that 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply is from Indonesia. In-fact, it could be argued that this number is closer to 100%, since practically no other countries export signifiant amounts of Kratom.

Therefore, if Kratom does get banned in Indonesia, most of the United States’ Kratom supply will be cut off all at once. This would lead to widespread supply shortages, and prices would likely skyrocket to hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilo for regular Kratom powder.

This would be a devastating situation, since numerous people may not be able to afford Kratom anymore, and this could lead to increased drug addiction and death.

Of course, there is still a chance that the Indonesian Kratom ban will be overturned before it goes into force 9 months from now. However, the Coronavirus pandemic is making it very difficult for Kratom advocates to coordinate with the Indonesian government to overturn the ban, and it appears the Coronavirus pandemic hype will be around for all of 2021. On top of that, Big Pharma obviously has their hooks in the Indonesian government, which makes it doubly hard to get this ban overturned.

Thus, this Indonesian Kratom ban is definitely something that Kratom users need to be aware about, since months continue to pass and there are no signs that it will be overturned. Considering that, in my opinion the best course of action is to stock up on Kratom while prices are low, which is exactly what I am doing personally, since Kratom prices may begin to skyrocket towards the end of this year.