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The Indonesian Kratom Ban Is Now Only 11 Months Away And There Are Still No Signs That It Will Be Overturned; If It Happens The USA Will Lose 95% Of Its Kratom Supply

Kratom is under attack from all angles. Indeed, the situation for Kratom now is perhaps more precarious than ever before, since not only is the DEA considering banning Kratom, and many state Kratom ban attempts are expected in the coming months, but also Indonesia still has a law in place which will ban Kratom as of New Year’s Day 2022, which would cut off 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply and cause Kratom prices to skyrocket to thousands of dollars per kilo.

Indeed, since 2019 Indonesia has had a Kratom ban law in place, and in early December the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN) re-affirmed that Kratom was still going to be banned on New Year’s Day 2022.

In early December The Kratom Herald discussed that there was still hope that this ban would be overturned before it goes into effect, but the fact of the matter is that there has been zero news about the Indonesian Kratom ban since then.

Essentially, the months keep ticking away, and there are no signs that the Indonesian Kratom ban will be overturned before it goes into effect. Of course, there is still hope that this ban will be miraculously repealed, but each passing month that hope gets dimmer.

Zooming out, Kratom truly has to run the gauntlet this year, and it will take outright miracles for Kratom to still be legal and readily available in the United States 1 year from now. First off, the Kratom community will likely have to fight against many attempted state Kratom bans, and possibly a national DEA Kratom ban as well, and even if the Kratom community succeeds in all of these battles, which would be a miracle, the United States would still lose most of its Kratom supply at the beginning of 2022 if this Indonesian ban is not overturned.

Basically, the game board is stacked against Kratom right now since there are threats coming from so many angles. Further, freedom of speech is at all-time lows and government power is at all-time highs, making it harder than ever to fight against Kratom bans.

Thus, the Kratom community will need to fight harder than ever this year to keep Kratom legal, and even more than that, the Kratom community needs to pray harder than ever, since the situation has become so bad that only divine intervention can prevent Kratom from being banned.