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The KCPA & AKA Are Causing Kratom To Be Banned In Georgia!​

For many years now the American Kratom Association (AKA) has been pushing for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) to be passed in every state and at the Federal level. The AKA has collected tens of millions of dollars of Kratom users’ donations to push the KCPA effort, and the AKA claims that the KCPA is the only way to keep Kratom legal.

The truth is that the KCPA is actually just a giant deception, and does nothing to keep Kratom legal. In-fact, the KCPA makes it more likely that Kratom will be banned, by casting Kratom in a negative light, and making it look like Kratom is dangerous and that people will be hurt by Kratom without strict government regulation.

Look no further than Georgia to see this reality! Georgia was one of the only states which passed the KCPA, and this was only a few years ago.

Now Georgia is moving to ban Kratom, and unlike other attempted state-bans in recent years, it looks like the Georgia ban will actually happen God forbid.

The KCPA established the precedent for Georgia banning Kratom, by ingraining into the legislators and the written law that Kratom is a dangerous substance unless a ton of regulatory steps are taken to make Kratom ‘safe’. … Despite the fact that Kratom already is safe and no more dangerous than tea, and the Kratom industry is already self-regulating and doesn’t need the government to step in for ensuring purity of Kratom products.

In-fact, it is unlikely Georgia would ever be banning Kratom right now, if it wasn’t for the KCPA establishing legal precedent that Kratom is a dangerous substance that needs government oversight.

There is only one truth, and clearly the Kratom community needs to stop trusting the AKA … the KCPA is 100% causing more harm than good for Kratom by establishing a negative regulatory precedent for Kratom (plus the AKA is shoving the KCPA in politician’s faces, and otherwise they wouldn’t even thinking about banning Kratom at all!)

What’s happening in Georgia is just an omen of what could happen everywhere if the KCPA is left unchecked to pass in every state.

P.S. The leaders of the AKA do not even take Kratom. I’ve talked to them personally several times. They are just lobbyists and have no interest in taking even a spoonful of Kratom. I’ve personally taken huge amounts of Kratom (I’m even on Kratom right now) and it’s saved my life, and it’s saved the lives of lots of my friends and family. Therefore, who do you think actually cares about Kratom staying legal, them or me? The people who get millions whenever Kratom is attacked, or the guy who is just happy with knowing that the Americans who need Kratom have the access they need? You decide, and God bless you, and God save us all from the AKA.