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There Are Clear Indications That Big Pharma Is Aiming To Ban Kratom And Then Launch Kratom-Based Drugs; This Would Be Devastating Since Kratom-Based Drugs Would Be Controlled By Doctors, Expensive, And Ineffective

Big Pharma Kratom ban

There is no doubt that Big Pharma wants to ban Kratom since Kratom poses serious competition to prescription painkillers and psych meds. In-fact, since at least 15 million Americans use Kratom for chronic pain, drug dependence, and mental health treatment, the amount of profit potential that Big Pharma is losing due to Kratom is probably quite tremendous.

Not only that, but the number of people that are using Kratom instead of doctors or prescription drugs is likely proliferating at a phenomenal pace, and therefore Kratom is becoming an even more serious threat to Big Pharma with each passing month, and likewise Big Pharma’s motivation to ban Kratom is steadily increasing.

However, there is yet another reason why Big Pharma wants to ban Kratom. As will be explained in this article, Big Pharma could ban Kratom and then launch Kratom-based drugs in one fell swoop, at which point Big Pharma would control the entire Kratom industry.

If Big Pharma did this, not only would the competition from Kratom be eliminated, but they would also make tremendous profits from the Kratom-based drugs, and therefore it is likely that Big Pharma is highly motivated to make this scenario a reality.

In-fact, there are already clear indications that Big Pharma is planning to ban Kratom and then launch Kratom-based drugs, which would be absolutely devastating, as will be explained in-depth in this article.

Big Pharma Is Already Developing Synthetic Kratom-Based Drugs

Despite the fact that Big Pharma has desperately been trying to ban Kratom, Big Pharma also recognizes Kratom’s benefits and potential, and synthetic Kratom-based drugs have been in development for years.

Indeed, a synthetic Mitragynine derivative called KUR-101 is already progressing through the preliminary stages of the drug approval process, meaning a Big Pharma company is spending tremendous amounts of money and time in order to get KUR-101 approved by the FDA.

Likewise, another synthetic Kratom derivative called MGM-9 has been developed, although it is unclear if a Big Pharma company is pushing it through the drug approval process at this time.

These are just two examples, and it is highly likely that other Big Pharma companies are developing synthetic Kratom-based drugs.

Essentially, all Big Pharma has to do is slightly change the molecular structure of Kratom’s alkaloids, allowing Big Pharma to patent the drug since it is not found in nature. Then if Big Pharma gets one of these synthetic Kratom-based drugs approved, and simultaneously Kratom gets banned, then Big Pharma will effectively control the Kratom market.

Notably, history has proven that synthetic drugs made by Big Pharma are always more dangerous and deadly than the natural drug they are based on, so it is likely that any synthetic Kratom-based drugs that Big Pharma makes will be much more dangerous than natural Kratom.

If Kratom Is Banned, Then Big Pharma Would Be Able To Patent A Mitragynine Or 7-Hydroxymitragynine Drug

A common mantra in the Kratom community is that the reason Big Pharma is trying to ban Kratom instead of selling Kratom themselves is that Kratom is natural and therefore cannot be patented.

However, if Kratom becomes illegal that all changes. For example, THC is naturally found in Cannabis, yet Big Pharma companies have been able to patent THC medications such as Marinol.

Essentially, if Kratom is declared to be a Schedule I drug, then Big Pharma could develop a Mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine medication, and then the DEA could declare these Kratom-based medications as Schedule II, meaning it is legal for doctors to prescribe them.

If this scenario unfolds then Big Pharma would completely control the Kratom market.

Notably, Dr. Christopher R. McCurdy, a well-known Kratom scientist, posted an article which seems to support such a scenario. Indeed, Dr. McCurdy says Kratom products in the USA are potentially harmful, but simultaneously says that a pure and standardized Mitragynine product would be very beneficial. This exact ideology paves the way for Kratom to be banned and a Kratom-based drug to be approved.

In-fact, if this scenario unfolds, it would not be surprising if the government, regulators, and even Kratom advocate organizations would try to spin it as a victory for Kratom users, despite the fact that Kratom would be effectively banned and it would be an outright disaster for the Kratom community.

If Kratom-Based Drugs Replace Kratom It Would Be A Disaster

There’s a few reasons why Kratom being replaced with Kratom-based drugs would be an outright disaster.

First off, Kratom would be illegal to possess, sell, or distribute without a doctor/prescription, and therefore Kratom would be effectively banned, and anyone caught with natural Kratom would be sent to prison.

Secondly, doctors would tightly control who receives prescriptions to Kratom-based drugs, likely causing much suffering, since doctors would play all sorts of games like they do with prescription opioids, such as not prescribing enough for the patient to be comfortable, refusing to prescribe even if the patient really needs it, making the patient jump through hoops to get a prescription, suddenly cutting off a patient and labeling them an addict, etc.

Thirdly, the Kratom-based drugs would likely be prohibitively expensive, and people without health insurance would not be able to afford them.

Fourthly and perhaps most importantly, the Kratom-based drugs would be based on a single alkaloid, like Mitragynine, or they would be a synthetic derivative of a single alkaloid, as opposed to natural Kratom which contains 50+ alkaloids. All of Kratom’s 50+ alkaloids play an important role in Kratom’s beneficial effects, and a single isolated alkaloid is nowhere near as effective as full spectrum natural Kratom.

Basically, even if Kratom-based drugs exist, they would provide almost none of the benefits that natural Kratom provides.

For all of these reasons, if Kratom is banned and replaced with Kratom-based drugs, it would be just as bad as if Kratom is outright banned, and there would be widespread death and suffering and the Opioid Pandemic would explode.

Kratom Warriors Need To Be Extremely Wary Of This Scenario, Since There Are Clear Indications That It Is Already Unfolding

Overall, the scenario described in this article is one of the biggest threats to Kratom. Big Pharma is highly motivated to make this a reality since it would both eliminate the competition from Kratom and Big Pharma would take over the Kratom market. Therefore, if Big Pharma pulls this off they will gain tremendous amounts of money and power.

Kratom Warriors need to be extremely wary of this sort of scenario, and do everything they can to fight against it, especially since there are already clear indications that Big Pharma is working towards this goal.

Indeed, Big Pharma is take increasingly aggressive actions to destroy Kratom’s reputation and to get Kratom banned, there is already proof that Big Pharma is developing synthetic Kratom-based drugs, and suddenly one of the top Kratom scientists, Dr. McCurdy, has published a mainstream news story which hints that a ‘standardized Kratom product’ should replace all other Kratom products.