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There Is Misinformation Circulating That The FDA Is Suddenly Clamping Down On Kratom Imports; The Truth Is The FDA's Kratom Import Alert Hasn't Changed Since 2014, And There's Nothing New To Worry About

Throughout the Kratom industry there has been a scare over the past several weeks over the FDA clamping down on Kratom imports. However, as will be shown in this article, the FDA’s Kratom import alert has not changed since 2014, and therefore the situation surrounding Kratom imports remains status quo, and there is nothing new to worry about.

In particular, it was posted by the American Kratom Association (AKA) that the FDA had re-issued the Kratom import alert. Furthermore, the AKA makes it sound like this is some sort of emergency, and is calling for donations to fight the import alert.

However, the fact of the matter is that the FDA import alert has not been re-issued. Rather, there was a minor edit to one of the firms on the FDA’s Kratom red list. In particular, an FDA spokesperson says “the import alert shows a new published date because we updated a firm’s listing on the Red List”.

Therefore, it is completely untrue that the import alert has been re-issued. Instead, there was just a minor technical update for one particular firm out of the hundreds of firms on the red list.

The main point I am trying to get across is that nothing has changed for the Kratom industry. The import alert has been in-effect since 2014, and nothing has changed regarding this import alert.

It is indeed true that the import alert is absurd, and the import alert should be overturned, since it is unfair that Kratom imports can potentially be seized. Therefore, it would be good if the AKA can finally get the import alert overturned.

However, nothing has changed with the import alert, and therefore there is no imminent emergency, and Kratom imports do not face any greater threat than usual.

Considering that, the Kratom supply for both Kratom vendors and users will remain the same as usual, and there is nothing new to worry about.