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United Kratom Association Survey Of 466 Kratom Users Reveals How Kratom Is Truly Benefiting And Saving The Lives Of Countless Americans

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Four years ago Dale Jerue, an addiction recovery professional with decades of experience and a leader at the United Kratom Association, published a survey of 466 Kratom users, and it truly reveals how Kratom is benefiting and saving the lives of countless Americans.

Indeed, based on the results of the survey Jerue concludes “A consumer-focused survey collected 466 individual’s responses that represent a high-functioning and well-educated group who, through the responsible use of kratom are benefitting from its healing properties. For this group, it appears the overarching majority are thriving in their ability to maintain employment, care for their children, appreciate their relationships with others; and served their country in time of need.”

Diving into the results, 70% of participants said that they used Kratom to manage severe chronic pain conditions, with 50 people saying they used Kratom to manage Fibromyalgia, 42 people saying they used Kratom to manage chronic back pain, 40 people said they used Kratom for chronic pain in general without specifying an exact illness, 20 people said they used Kratom for multiple chronic pain conditions, and 15 people said they used Kratom to manage Rheumatoid Arthritis.

15% of participants said they used Kratom in order to manage substance abuse disorders, with the majority of these being people who were using Kratom to overcome opioid dependence.

The remaining 15% of participants said they used Kratom to manage mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Out of all 3 groups, prior to being introduced to Kratom 46% of participants reported that their illness was overwhelming, 36% said their illness was severe, and 12% said it was getting progressively worse. Further, before being introduced to Kratom 46% of participants suffered from their illness for 10+ years, 25% suffered for 6-7 years, with a small percentage saying they suffered for 2 years or less.

Miraculously, after being introduced to Kratom practically all participants reported that their life was great, good, or improving.

Literally, this survey has proven that Kratom is saving people from years, if not decades, of severe and overwhelming suffering due to chronic pain, mental health issues, and drug abuse disorders. Not only that, Kratom is helping people who would otherwise be suffering to have fulfilling and successful lives.

Other interesting stats include that 55% of participants preferred red strains, 32% preferred green strains, and 14% preferred white strains. Also, over 50% of participants take a dose of 1-3 grams, just under 40% take a dose of 3-5 grams, and only 10% take more than 5 grams. Additionally, over 75% of participants mix their dose with liquid, i.e. toss n’ wash, 20% use capsules, and only a tiny percentage of users prefer liquid Kratom or mixing it with food.

Further, 44% of participants are married and 24% are in a committed relationship, and out of these practically all participants were satisfied or very satisfied with their relationships. Also, over 50% of participants are employed, with around 10% being unemployed, and just over 30% being disabled.

Another important result was that nearly 100% of participants reported that they never needed to seek medical or mental healthcare due to Kratom use, highlighting the fundamentally safe nature of Kratom.

Thus, this survey truly reveals how Kratom is saving the lives of countless Americans from chronic pain, mental health, and drug abuse issues, and without Kratom these people would likely continue to suffer for their whole life, and indeed, most participants had suffered for years or over a decade before finding Kratom, at which point they got their quality of life back.

Overall, this is more evidence that the Kratom community needs to continue fighting to keep Kratom legal, since an untold amount of people will suffer and possibly die from their illnesses if Kratom is banned.