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Vaporizing 99% Pure Mitragynine For The Sake Of Science: Near-Instant Powerful Euphoria And Analgesia

There’s always been a lot of debate about whether Kratom can be smoked or vaped. Based on my own experiences, Kratom definitely produces an effect when you smoke crushed leaf. However, the effect is light relative to just taking Kratom orally, and I certainly prefer taking Kratom the regular way versus smoking the leaves.

Today I am taking my experimentations with smoking Kratom to the next level via vaping/smoking 99% pure Mitragynine. Essentially, Mitragynine is the primary active alkaloid in Kratom, and I’ve obtained an extract which is pure Mitragynine.

To put this in perspective, a gram of Kratom leaf contains 10-15 mg of Mitragynine, so just 50 mg of this extract is equivalent to 3-5 grams of Kratom leaf.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of this extract, it will only require vaporizing/smoking a tiny amount of it to ingest a sizable dose of Kratom, and therefore this experiment will settle once and for all the debate as to whether Kratom can produce significant effects when smoked, and if smoking Kratom can provide advantageous effects versus dosing orally.

For this experiment I will be using a high-tech vaping pen, which is something typically used to vaporize Cannabis-based wax/dabs/shatter. Basically, you just touch this pen to whatever you’re smoking, breathe in, and it instantly vaporizes it.

To start the experiment I take out a tiny bag of the 99% pure Mitragynine. It has an exotic orange color, and since this is 99% pure and from a very reliable source, apparently this is the color of actual Mitragynine.

I dump a tiny amount of material onto a metal lid, and heap it up with a tiny spoon to prep it to be smoked. The setup can be seen in the article image above.

Notably, before starting this experiment I have not taken Kratom or any other herb/drug (not even caffeine) for over a day. I’m feeling stressed and low-energy, especially cause I’m doing this after a long day of work. Therefore, I will definitely know if this experiment works or not, since I have nothing else in my system.

T + 0 I touch the pen to the tiny pile of 99% Mitragynine and breathe in, which activates the heating element. The smoke/vapor it produces tastes extremely smooth and good.

Within seconds I feel a rush of euphoria, simultaneous with surging feelings of peace and energy. It’s a very stimulant-like effect.

About 10-20 seconds after that I feel a mild surge of opioid warmth and analgesia.

Notably, the 99% pure Mitragynine completely vaporizes as it is heated and leaves nothing behind.

T + 1 I take another hit, and once again it’s an extremely nice taste. The feelings of pleasure intensify. Most notably there’s a slight feeling of intoxication and a bit of that Kratom wobbly eyes that occur at very high doses, likely since the Mitragynine is instantly flooding my brain all at once.

T + 2 Feelings of opioid warmth/analgesia rapidly amplify and become strong, as if I’m at the peak of a 5-10 gram Kratom dose.

I’ve only smoked 10 mg of Mitragynine at this point at most, which means that vaporizing pure Mitragynine is much more efficient than oral dosing. However, simultaneously I expect the experience to come down much more quickly than usual as well, but we will see.

T + 7 I dump another tiny pile of Mitragynine onto the metal lid, but relatively speaking this tiny pile is actually a big dose. I’m now going to take a huge hit.

Once again, I am struck with how wonderful the flavor of pure Mitragynine is. I hold the hit for awhile and then exhale, and instantly I feel a powerful surge of euphoria, followed by a pleasant head pressure.

At this point, I have the same feelings as if I took 10 grams of Kratom, except it’s a far more cleaner and euphoric feeling than Kratom typically provides.

T + 11 I take another huge hit, and the pile of Mitragynine literally disappears, indicating how vapeable this stuff is. It doesn’t burn, it just turns into vapor with essentially zero residue.

T + 12 I am in a serene and extremely euphoric state, and my body is coated with a blanket of opioid warmth and analgesia, with more powerful opioid feelings than strong doses of Kratom can typically provide.

T + 18 The strong effects are continuing steadily, except a more sedative/relaxing effect is taking hold of the experience. This is like a regular Kratom experience on fast forward, since Kratom experiences always transition from energy —> sedation, except this is happening extremely quickly.

After this point I had extremely pleasant relaxing, euphoric, and opioid feelings for a long time, which is a complete reversal from the stress and low energy I had before the experiment. 

Overall, this experiment has been a stunning success. Via vaporizing 99% pure Mitragynine I have found that it is possible to get powerful and near-instant Kratom effects, and that these effects can even exceed what oral doses of Kratom can provide, especially when it comes to euphoria and opioid warmth/analgesia.

That being said, I still prefer the long, slow, and steady experience of taking Kratom orally, and my regular schedule of dosing Kratom orally will continue. However, from time to time vaporizing 99% pure Mitragynine seems like it could be a nice treat.