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Vivazen Max Kratom Extract Shot Experience Report


This morning I will be taking the Vivazen Max Kratom Extract Shot. This Kratom shot has been popular for many years, and it was definitely one of my favorites when I was taking it 5-7 years ago. In-fact, I used to buy an entire case of Vivazen and take them all day. What I liked about them is that they tasted delicious and they provided powerful and unique effects relative to other Kratom products.

Notably, Vivazen is not just a Kratom shot. It contains a plethora of psychoactive ethnobotanicals including White Willow Bark (anti-inflammatory analgesic), Yohimbe (stimulant), Valerian (sedative and anti-anxiety), California Poppy (calming and anti-anxiety), Passionflower (mood lifter), and Boswellis and Corydalis.

Typically I would not take a product like this in the middle of the day, since it has so many psychoactive herbs, but based on my past experiences with Vivazen it won’t knock me out. If I’m right, it should be perfectly balanced to provide an excellent day. However, we will see.

Also, this is a ‘Max’ version of Vivazen, meaning it has literally double the ingredients. That should work out fine, since I would automatically drink more than one Vivazen in the past.

Also notably, before I’m starting this experience I am stressed and achey, and I haven’t taken any other Kratom today, so this shot should work to its full potential.

T + 0 (8:38 am) I noticed it says on the bottle that it’s very strong, and for experienced users only. I believe I am experienced enough to handle this. I open it up, and it has that delicious Vivazen smell.

I drink the whole shot quickly. Unlike almost all other Kratom shots, Vivazen is absolutely delicious. Literally, the other best tasting Kratom shots out there are merely tolerable. This one actually tastes good.

T + 2 Warm effects coming on almost instantly. Indeed, from what I remember Viva Zen is extremely fast acting.

T + 10 Beginning to become extremely relaxed.

T + 13 Euphoria beginning to set in. I have went from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and dark to being quite content and happy.

T + 22 Feeling very motivated, calm, happy, and energetic. This is why I love Vivazen. It’s basically the only product with such an intense mix of ethnobotanicals that is properly balanced.

T + 41 I am feeling incredible!!! Full analgesia, i.e. no aches and pains, and tons of energy and euphoria. Furthermore, it’s perfectly balanced, so I have total clarity of mind and zero sedation. This is definitely living up to my high expectations for Vivazen.

T + 52 I am ecstatic. So happy to be alive and really excited about my work. This Vivazen is incredible and really saved my day.

T + 80 Effects intensifying, and becoming slightly intoxicated and sedated. Definitely time to eat breakfast.

T+ 142 Sedating effects intensified all at once and I went to bed and nodded out. It was a serene and extremely relaxing nap/meditation. I woke up feeling completely refreshed.

After this point calming and relaxing effects continued for many hours. Overall, this Vivazen Max shot provided the perfect balance of energy, relaxation, euphoria, and analgesia, plus it is incredibly convenient and tastes delicious. Also notably, it seems they’ve stuck with the original formula, and Vivazen is just as good as it was many years ago.