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Washington & Kentucky Have Launched Bills Which Would Make Kratom Illegal; Information Inside On How To Fight Back Before It's Too Late

After a long period of calm, Kratom is once again under attack, with both the states of Washington and Kentucky proposing laws which would make Kratom illegal.

Specifically, Bill HB142 in the Kentucky House would turn Kratom into a controlled substance, meaning it will be illegal for anyone to possess Kratom, and it would make it illegal to buy/sell Kratom. The full bill text can be read here, and the bill groups Kratom in with hard drugs like Meth and LSD. Also, the bill literally says that Kratom users who are caught will be incarcerated and can be locked in prison for up to 3 years.

Likewise, Bill SB5743 in the Washington Senate would declare Kratom a controlled substance, instantly turning all Kratom users into criminals.

It is of critical importance for the Kratom community to start fighting back now, not only for the sake of the 4.4 million Americans in Kentucky and the 7.2 million Americans in Washington, but also for the sake of all American Kratom users, since if additional states ban Kratom it could lead to a domino effect of many states banning Kratom and even a Federal/National ban God forbid.

Indeed, Kratom has saved the lives of countless hundreds of thousands of Americans, if not millions of Americans, and if the Kratom ban bills are ratified into law in Kentucky and/or Washington, it would lead to a catastrophic surge in chronic pain issues, mental health issues, drug addiction, and drug overdose deaths.

Information On How The Kratom Community Can Fight Back

The best way to kill these Kratom ban bills is for Kratom users to email/call/mail the members of the Washington Senate and the members of the Kentucky House of Representatives. Kratom users should send their stories about how Kratom saved their life, about how Kratom saved their friends/families lives, information about how Kratom is safe and has never caused a death in history and lacks addiction potential, and about all the ways that Kratom benefits the lives of Americans.

You can find the phone numbers and emails of Washington State Senators at this link. Also, the phone numbers and mailing addresses of all the Washington State Senators can be found on this page.

Likewise, you can find all the e-mail addresses of the members of the Kentucky House of Representatives at this link. Also, on this page you can click on each member and find their phone number and mailing address.

In the past Kratom ban bills have been overturned via Kratom users sending massive amounts of pro-Kratom info to legislators, so there is hope that this catastrophe will be averted. However, the Kratom community must act quickly and in unison before it is too late.