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Wild Lettuce 10X Extract Tablets Experience Report: A Potent Natural Pain Reliever

wild lettuce

This morning I will be taking Wild Lettuce 10X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals, which contain the equivalent of 2,000 mg of fresh Wild Lettuce per tablet. This is my first experience with Wild Lettuce.

Wild Lettuce, which has the scientific name Lactuca Virosa, is considered one of the best pain relieving herbs, and is therefore a potential Kratom alternative. In-fact, Wild Lettuce is often referred to as Opium Lettuce due to its analgesic properties.

Notably, my wife has already been successfully taking Wild Lettuce for weeks now, and there are a tremendous amount of subjective reports online testifying to the analgesic and relaxing characteristics of this herb.

In any case, there is only one way to find out if this herb truly deserves the name ‘Opium Lettuce’. I proceed to take 1 tablet.

T + 0 (9:04 am) I take 1 tablet on an empty stomach. This herb has a very strong and bitter taste, although that isn’t a problem since it’s in tablet form.

T + 11 A strong feeling of relaxation is coming on, as well as the beginnings of analgesic warmth. Further, my morning grogginess is quickly lifting away and I’m beginning to do some work.

T + 20 Feelings of relaxation are intensifying.

T + 46 At this point I mostly have a strong sedative/relaxing effect. My regular aches and pains are indeed gone too, so there’s solid analgesia, although it is quite different than opioid/kratom analgesia, since there’s no accompanying warmth.

T + 56 I am starting to feel euphoria at this point, and it is coming on quickly. Analgesia intensifying as well and its taking on a more opioid-esque nature. I am surprised at how well this Wild Lettuce is working. This is one of the most significant ethnobotanicals that I have tried.

T + 193 The relaxing, sedative, and analgesic effects of Wild Lettuce continued for hours.

I have just taken 7 grams of Kratom, to see how well Wild Lettuce mixes with Kratom, and to gauge whether Wild Lettuce is a Kratom potentiator.

T + 230 I am feeling incredibly relaxed, euphoric, and moderately sedated. Wild Lettuce seems to be a potent Kratom potentiator. Indeed, this Kratom dose is working much better than usual.

Overall, Wild Lettuce is one of the best pain relieving herbs I’ve tried, and it is definitely a Kratom alternative, as well as a Kratom potentiator. Further, Wild Lettuce is relaxing and euphoric. All things considered, based on my experience I believe that Wild Lettuce is something that everyone should have in their herb cabinet.