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Wormwood 10X Extract Experience Report: Interesting Psychoactive/Medicinal Effects, No Green Fairy Though


Here at The Kratom Herald I am on a mission to document the science and effects of every Ethnobotanical on the planet. Today I am covering a fairly strange herb: Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium).

Wormwood is notorious because it is the special ingredient in Absinthe, an exotic green and highly potent type of Alcohol. In-fact, there are all sorts of rumors and mythology surrounding Absinthe, since apparently it used to have so much Wormwood that people would hallucinate if they drank a lot of it, and apparently people would encounter a Green Fairy.

However, modern versions of Absinthe have very little, if any, Wormwood in it, and therefore most people have never had any actual experience with Wormwood.

Today I will be taking a 10X Wormwood Extract, to figure out once and for all what psychoactive effects Wormwood has, and if all the stories about Wormwood bringing people to a dimension with green entities is true.

Notably, there is some science to back up the fact that Wormwood is psychoactive. Wormwood’s primary alkaloid is Thujone, which excites brain activity via interacting with the GABA receptors.

Beyond that, Wormwood’s primary medicinal quality is that it can heal digestive tract problems, and in particular it’s known for eliminating parasites, hence it’s name.

T + 0 (10:55 am) I take an extract tablet from Amazing Botanicals containing 100 mg of 10X Wormwood extract, equivalent to 1,000 mg of Wormwood per tablet. I will just start with 1 tablet, since I have no idea what this Wormwood is gonna do.

I am taking this on an empty stomach, and the only other psychoactive herb I’ve had today is Coffee, so this Wormwood should work to its full potential.

T + 5 Definitely feeling some sort of effect, can’t quite put my finger on it yet. A weird brain fuzziness feeling, and reality is beginning to seem a bit altered.

T + 8 Feeling a euphoric surge, both a mental and physical buzz, and a strange head pressure simultaneously.

T + 15 I am encompassed by a strange energetic and euphoric feeling.

T + 18 I definitely feel like I’m in an altered state.

T + 280 I eventually ate some breakfast, and felt pleasantly relaxed and good. I passed out for awhile, and then did a bunch of chores…. There was no Green Fairy though.

Upping The Ante

T + 285 (3:40 pm) In part 1 of this experiment I definitely found that Wormwood has some psychoactive effects, and some pleasurable effects. However, I want to take a higher dose, so that I encounter the Green Fairy, if one does exist. Also, I will be combining Wormwood with some other things to potentiate the experience.

I take 2 more Wormwood tablets, equivalent to 2,000 mg of Wormwood, and swig it down with Coffee. I then take 7 grams of highly potent Kratom.

T + 305 I feel very serene and relaxed. Notably, there is a psychadelic/trippy effect, which feels like I’m about to cross over to another dimension.

T + 320 Colors have definitely taken on a bright and exotic tinge, and reality feels dream-like. Other than that a very nice Kratom feeling.

T + 335 I’m feeling very good, and still have an indescribable feeling that I’m about to break into another dimension.

For good measure, to bring this Wormwood to its maximum potential, I’m taking 1 more tablet, bringing my total dose to the equivalent of 4,000 mg of Wormwood.

Also, I’m going to smoke some CBD and CBG wax, which contains significant quantities of THC as well. I’ve read that Cannabis can really unlock a Wormwood experience.

After this point I had a very good evening, I sat near the window watching severe thunderstorms, and I was very relaxed and happy. However, there was no Green Fairy, and no hallucinations of any sort. It seems the main effect of Wormwood is it gives reality a dream-like tinge, it enhances colors, and it also made me feel very healthy.

Thus, Wormwood is definitely not something that’s gonna make people trip, but it does have unique and pleasurable psychedelic/medicinal effects. Overall, I think Wormwood is something that’s good to combine with Kratom and/or Cannabis, since it can lead to an enhanced experience.