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Yohimbe Extract Tablets: This Herb Dramatically Enhances Sex And Energy


In this article I discuss Yohimbe Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals, which contain 100 mg of an extract that is standardized to contain 6% of the active alkaloid Yohimbine, meaning each tablet contains 6 mg of Yohimbine. 

First some background info on Yohimbe. It has the scientific name Pausinystalia Johimbe, and it is a tree that is native to Western and Central Africa that grows to over 100 feet in height. Since ancient times people in that region have used the bark of the Yohimbe tree to enhance sex and energy.

The main active alkaloid of Yohimbe is Yohimbine, and it interacts with the adrenergic, serotonin, and dopamine receptors. 

As for the effects of Yohimbe, it leads to much more vigorousness, excitement, satisfaction, and energy during sex.

On the other hand, some people may think that Yohimbe is like an ‘herbal viagra’, but it is not. Yohimbe does not prolong erections or anything like that, rather it enhances the sexual experience. 

Further, Yohimbe is definitely a stimulant, and can be used to increase efficiency at work, so it’s not just an herb that is useful for sex. In-fact, if someone took Yohimbe for work, they would probably not think about sex at all.

Thus, Yohimbe is one of the best, if not the best, herbal aphrodisiacs, and if you want an herb to enhance sex, then Yohimbe is the right choice. Also, Yohimbe is one of the only natural herbal stimulants that is unrelated to Caffeine and legal.